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Ambiverse Natural Language Understanding API extracts entities from unstructured text, enabling a more precise transformation of texts into actionable, measurable, and easily accessible knowledge. Entities are identified by types such as person, location, organization, or product, and linked to the Wikipedia-derived YAGO knowledge graph. You can query the knowledge graph to obtain further information about these entities, such as Wikipedia links, textual descriptions, images, and lists of relevant categories.


No commitments. Only pay for what you use. Each month we bill you at the Pay-As-You-Go rates shown below.


No costs. No commitments.
up to 1k calls/mo free
  • Wikipedia Knowledge Graph
  • Reporting & Analytics: Track API Usage
  • Interactive API Documentation
  • Multilingual Language Understanding: English, Chinese, Spanish, and German

  • No costs. No commitments.
  • No credit card required.

  • API calls per month
  • API calls per minute
  • We only charge calls to the Entity Linking Service. One piece of text is one call.
  • The maximum size of a call to the Entity Linking Service is 200KB, the maximum text length is 20,000 UTF-8 characters.
  • Unlimited API calls to the Knowledge Graph Service for free, with a limit of 600 API calls per minute.

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